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Contract Surety

Standard Programs

Our wide spanning network of A-Rated, Treasury Listed carriers gives us the ability to obtain any bond, regardless of size.




Bid Bonds guarantee the bid amount and that the contractor has the required funds necessary to carry out the project, enabling them to then obtain a performance bond if they are awarded the job.

Payment & Performance Bonds


Payment Bonds protect labor, material suppliers and sub-contractors; Performance Bonds ensure the completion of the project at the agreed upon price and time frame.




Maintenance Bonds protect the owner of the project over a specific time against defects and faults in material, workmanship and design after the project is completed.

Wage & Welfare (Union)



When unions are part of the work, Wage & Welfare Bonds guarantee the contractor will honor payment of union dues, contribution to funds, and promised benefit packages to employees of the union.

Specialty Programs

 (Liquidity Programs / Credit-Based Express Programs / Collateralized/Funds Control)

Liquidity Programs

​​​Programs that can be underwritten based on the strength and liquidity of the owner or principal of the company - not on corporate financials.

Credit-Based Express Programs

Our Credit Based Express Programs are tailored to help contractors easily obtain their first bond.  With no requirements for financial statements we are able to put a bonding program in place instantly with a 2-page application.

Collateralized/Funds Control

We are able to procure tough to place bonds using tools such as
collateral, funds control, etc.

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